Shibuki Toilet Seat in Black and White Marble


This marbling turned out really interesting. Its a classic marble on the inside and a hazy marble on the outside. It has all clear rubber stoppers on both the lid and the seat.

Shibuki means splash in Japanese! 💦 The Hikawa Shibuki Toilet Seat inspires you to close your toilet lid before you flush to act as a splash guard. The curves of the lid extend beyond the seat to offer a small grip to open and close the lid with more ease without touching the seat. Close your lid & surprise your house guests at the same time :)


✋ Handmade in our studio in Los Angeles these seats are one of a kind and made one at a time, meant to last a lifetime.

💎 Exceptional visual clarity

🦾 Chrome hinges

🌞 UV light and oxidation resistance

⚒️ Highest quality durable resin that will last a lifetime. Its pretty much a family heirloom that you can pass down to your kids.

🤫 Rubber stoppers for a quiet slam

See our Toilet Seat Sizing Guide with graphics to know how to best measure your toilet.

Toilet Seats are pre-made and ship within 2 weeks.

Clean your toilet seat like any other toilet seat. You can use strong cleaners like bleach, toilet specific cleaners and whatever else you fancy.

We aren't 100% sure if our seats are compatible with Tushy bidets. If the Tushy works with standard seats then they should be compatible. If you find out the answer to this, will you let us know?! Thanks

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