Beaded Wristlets by Ojo Linda X Hikawa

476 kr

Beaded Wristlets handmade in Austin, TX by Ojo Lindo. Made especially with and for Hikawa phone cases in a very small batch. Only one of each wristlet available.

Wristlets are designed with strength and play in mind. Each bead is connected by a metal attachment to allow you to swing, hold and grab your phone case easily without fear.

Materials: Glass, plastic, silicone, metal and polymer mixed beads.

Sizing: All wristlets are between 11''-12.5'' in total length. Each vary slightly in length, but we've made sure they fit around most wrist sizes. If you would like a shorter or longer wristlet, please email and we are happy to accomodate your size or make you something special.

Accessories are compatible with ALL phone cases, not limited to Hikawa phone cases.

All accessories are fully comatible with all Hikawa case features.

Accessories do not alter your case, but can be easily taken on and off without disturbing the design of your case.

Accessories are READY TO SHIP. Your order will ship within 1 - 5 business days.

Wipe clean regularly

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