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Boido Pillow in Carmel Gingham

Boido Pillow in Carmel Gingham

Boido means Void in Japanese.

Ways to use the Boido Pillows

  • Put these pillows on your couch. You can see through them so your pillows always match your couch.
  • The Boido pillows are a perfect meditation pillow. Its the right size to¬†elevate¬†your sitz bones up from the ground. Boido pillows are medium firm.
  • Put underneath your face when your loved one is giving you a home massage.
  • Use the Void pillows at your desk as lower back support or again, underneath your sith bones for some lift.

Carmel Gingham

Carmel is a 100% vintage headstock heavy cotton fabric. 

Boido Care

Spot clean when necessary is recommended.

You can put the entire pillow in the washer and dryer. Gentle cycle and low heat recommended for natural fibers to prevent any clumping. 


Triangle Boido : 17'' x 17''

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