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Ishi in Chamomile for iPhone 12 & 13

Ishi in Chamomile for iPhone 12 & 13


The ergonomic shape of Ishi makes your phone easy to find and hold on to. The soft round bumps are designed to create crevices for your hand and fingers. There are infinite ways to hold and grasp your Ishi, think of it like a rock climbing rock, depending on the situation there is something for your hand to grab onto. 


  • Stands up your phone vertically and¬†2 angles horizontally
  • Acts as a grip to hold your phone¬†
  • Good for people who have to hold their phone for long periods of time
  • Great for at home phone use: multitasking, cooking, and reading
  • Sculpture¬†in your hand
  • Easy to take on and off


  • Tested drop protection on concrete floor
  • Durable rubber like material
  • Impossible to break
  • 360 Degree screen protection
  • Compatible with all screen protectors

Chamomile COLORWAY

Chamomile is a crystal clear color way that includes 6-10, depending on the size of your phone, real pressed Chamomile flowers. The flowers are tricky to deal with and result in a longer and more intensive fabrication process.


  1. Every Kame case ismadeto order in our studio based in Los Angeles, California.
  2. All Kame cases are compatible with most, if not all screen protectors.
  3. Every case is made with impact-resistant material designed for everyday use.
  4. Every case comes with my personal Guarantee. SeeFAQfor more info.

Current Production Times:

*Kame Phone Cases currently shipping in 3-14 business days.

*Mask orders are currently shipping in 1-5 business days.

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