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Ishi in Yin Yang

Ishi in Yin Yang

The Ishi is the Venus of KAME. The round soft ISHI shape is inspired by many things in our world, most notably ancient Venus figurines, some of the oldest representations of the human body found on earth. Ishi is also inspired by rock climbing holds, Henry Moore Sculptures and other soft organic shapes in our environment. Ishi is ergonomic, comfortable in your hand and changes the experience of your phone. Like the Venus sculptures, Ishi is a palm sized sculpture for you to experience and use everyday.


The ergonomic shape of Ishi makes your phone easy to hold and find. The soft round bumps of Ishi are designed to create crevices for your hand to grab and hold onto your phone taking the pressure off your fingers. There are many different ways to hold your Ishi. Think of it like a rock climbing hold, an organic shape that your hand can grab or hold in a multitude of ways.


  • Stands up your phone vertically
  • Props up your phone in 2 angles horizontally
  • Acts as a grip to hold your phone in many different ways
  • Good for people who have to hold their phone for long periods of time
  • Soft to the touch
  • Solid protective rubber - feels like an eraser
  • Great for at home phone use: multitasking, cooking, and reading
  • Sculpture on the go


Ishi in Ying Yang is a 2 color hand marbled color way. Yin Yang is hand mixed and therefore marbling patterns will vary. Yin Yang is a black and off-white color way.


  1. Every Kame case is made to order in our studio based in Los Angeles, California.
  2. All Kame cases are compatible with most, if not all screen protectors.
  3. Every case is made with impact-resistant material designed for everyday use.
  4. Every case comes with my personal Guarantee. See FAQ for more info.

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