Nami Phone Case in Lilac


Nami means "wave" in Japanese. The Nami phone case is like a wave, soft edges with a strong structure so you can grip and grab your phone. The Nami has spaces for your fingers to grip your phone, while the wavey structure stands up your phone vertically and horizontally at 3 different angles like all Hikawa phone cases.

Will Nami fit in your pocket? some of them, but not your skinny jeans back pocket.

  • Stands up your phone at 3 different angles.
  • Acts as a grip to hold your phone.
  • Good for people who have to hold their phone for long periods of time.
  • Great for at home phone use: multitasking, cooking, watching stuff on your phone, and reading.
  • Easily take on and off

This Nami phone case is made in small batches and ships in 1-5 business days.

This phone case is made from silicone with a soft touch coating to give it a super smooth velvety texture.

🛠️ Made with Impact resistant material to fully protect your phone. 10' drop tested.

📲 360 degree screen protection

🛁 Clean your phone case regularly. Using strong dish soap, warm water and a scrubby sponge.

🎀 One Year Product Warranty

✅ Compatible with ALL screen protectors.

✅ Compatible with all charging cables.

❌ Not compatible with magnetic charging units.

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