ARCHIVE: Stained Glass but Not Stained Glass Toilet Seat - ROUND

4 285 kr

A true one of a kind process oriented experimental toilet seat.

I will never make a toilet seat like this again, because let's just say the process I used to make the lid was not sustainable, but worth a try.

This "stained glass inspired" toilet seat has small imperfections, but has been fully "refurbished" by our studio and we've added our signature accents to make this toilet seat last a lifetime.

Will fit ONLY a ROUND toilet. Ships immediately.

-Seat has cute surprise blue rim on the inside

-Lid is multi colored: Yellow, orange, greens and blues. Yes that blue splotchy area was in fact intentional!

Email if you have questions

✋ Handmade in our studio in Los Angeles these seats are one of a kind and made one at a time, meant to last a lifetime.

💎 We use the absolute highest quality most durable material out there.

🦾 Heavy Duty Chrome Slow-Close Hinges

🌞 UV light and oxidation resistance. They will never yellow.

⚒️ Highest quality durable resin that will last a lifetime. Its pretty much a family heirloom that you can pass down to your kids.

🤫 Rubber stoppers

See our Toilet Seat Sizing Guide with graphics to know how to best measure your toilet.

Toilet Seats are HANDMADE to ORDER. Toilet Seats ship in 6-8 weeks. For more info on timelines, please email info@baileyhikawacom

Clean your toilet seat like any other toilet seat. You can use strong cleaners like bleach, toilet specific cleaners and whatever else you fancy.

We aren't 100% sure if our seats are compatible with add-on bidets. If the Tushy works with standard seats then they should be compatible. If you find out the answer to this, will you let us know?! Thanks

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