Bailey Hikawa

Bailey Hikawa is an artist and industrial designer living and working in Los Angeles, California. Her work has ranged from conceptual sculpture, painting, set design, and immersive installation. Hikawa launched her design studio in 2019 with the release of a line of ergonomic and sculptural iPhone cases along with a line of custom toilet seats released in 2023. Bailey Hikawa is obsessed with designing for unexpected spaces where art and function come together to create a totally new user experience.


Hikawa in the verge

An in depth article written and researched by Ashley Carman. Ashley covers my handmade process, how I started making sculptural phone cases and where the idea came from. 

Article Link to The Verge

Bailey Hikawa in the Los Angeles Times

Bailey talks about making a custom toilet seat for the LA times design magazine. What it means, who its for and why we are making toilet seats.

Link to LA Times Article