Geta Phone Case in Visions

1 612 kr

Geta in Visions is a crystal clear phone case embedded with fake eyelashes. Every phone case is handmade individually and therefore eyelash placement will vary from case to case.

    ↕️ Stands up your phone vertically

    ↖️↗️ Stands up your phone horizontally at 2 different angles

    ✋ Acts as a grip to hold your phone

    📸 Compatible with ultra wide and all standard iPhone lenses

    🤘 Good for exhausted pinky fingers

    🔦 Never lose your phone again

    👠 Easily take on and off your phone

    🏠 Great for home phone use: cooking, reading, videochatting, & streaming.

    💻 Great for cross device multi-tasking office use.

    🎨 Art with you everywhere you go. Elevating your phone, literally.

    This phone case is made to order in our Los Angeles studio and ships within 1-4 weeks. Thank you for supporting slow & sustainable fashion.

    Don't know your iPhone size? 

    See our iPhone Sizing Guide

    For all other sizings, see below.

    iPhone 6/7/8 fits iPhone SE 

    SE fits only iPhone SE

    XR fits iPhone 11

    X/Xs fits X/Xs and 11 Pro

    XS MAX fits 11 Pro Max

    11 fits only 11

    11 Pro fits only 11 Pro

    11 Pro Max fits only 11 Pro Max

    12 Mini fits only 12 mini

    12 fits 12 and 12 Pro

    12 Pro fits only 12 Pro

    12 Pro Max fits only 12 Pro Max

    13 Mini fits only 13 Mini

    13 Reg fits 3 and 13 Pro

    13 Pro fits only 13 Pro

    13 Pro Max fits only 13 Pro Max

    14 fits 14 and 14 Pro

    14 Pro fits only 14 Pro

    14 Plus fits 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max

    14 Pro Max fits only 14 Pro Max

    🛠️ Made with Impact resistant material to fully protect your phone. 10' drop tested.

    📲 360 degree screen protection

    🛁 Clean your phone case regularly. Using strong dish soap, warm water and a scrubby sponge.

    🎀 One Year Product Warranty

    ✅ Compatible with ALL screen protectors.

    ✅ Compatible with all charging cables.

    ✅ Compatible with ACCESSORIES listed on the Hikawa site.

    ❌ Not compatible with magnetic charging units.

    ❌ Not compatible with back pockets of skinny jeans.

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