Geta Phone Case in Mint

807 SEK


  • Stands up your phone vertically
  • Props up your phone in 2 different angles horizontally
  • Acts as a grip to hold your phone
  • Great for "Heavy Phone Users"
  • The Geta has physical structure but maintains a lightweight feel to your phone.
  • 360 screen protection
  • Drop tested with never-break material
  • Easy on and off the phone


The Geta design acts as a grip for your fingers to better hold your phone. Like shelves for your fingers that take the pressure off of your pinky finger. The Geta makes everyday activities like face-timing, cooking, reading, or cross device multitasking on your phone so much easier and more intuitive with its standing and propping capabilities. The special design is easy to find in a bag and easy to spot when its lying around your house. Never lose your phone again!


Mint is a solid and opaque color way. Color is consistent and will not vary. Please note that computer screens vary and depends on your color calibration as to how the color appears.


"SMALL BATCH" Ships in 1 - 5 business days.

Geta is compatible with all screen protectors and charging accessories.

Geta is not compatible with Mag Safe charging accessories.

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